Guests Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Survey of services and programming that cultural institutions can provide

Following the patron path, from outreach and initial point of contact through the visit’s conclusion, this workshop will offer a survey of services and programming that theaters, museums and other cultural institutions can provide to make themselves more accessible for visitors who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Learn more about topics that will include:

  • Offering sign interpretation
  • Offering open captioning
  • Providing assistive listening devices
  • Reaching out to deaf and hardofhearing communities and organizations
  • Creating a safe environment and providing strong customer service
  • Serving a broad range of individual experiences and circumstances for visitors who aredeaf or hard of hearing.

Archived Event Speakers

Jason Harrington, Chicago Shakespeare Theater
Evan Hatfield (Steppenwolf Theatre Company), Rachel Arfa (Equip for Equality), Christena Gunther (CCAC Founder & Elmhurst Historical Museum), Patti Shore Kaden (ASL interpreter)