Lunch and Learn: Ask About Alt Text with Bojana Coklyat

Event Description: Spend an hour with Bojana Coklyat discussing what Alt Text is, tips for writing it, and the artistry involved. Capturing the important elements of an image can be challenging, especially when describing people in photos and identifying the “purpose” of the picture. Bring your questions and join us for some Alt Text practice to put our skills to the test!

CCAC Lunch & Learns are informal discussion forums open to the community. CCAC Steering Committee members facilitate sessions, and we encourage attendees to participate in open dialogue.

This event has ended. Please enjoy the archived video recording! 

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Lunch and Learn: Ask About Alt Text

Archived Event Speakers

Bojana Coklyat is a disabled artist, 2019-2020 J. William Fulbright alumni and previous project leader at the NYC Museum Arts and Culture Access Consortium (MAC). In 2019, she curated “Crip Imponderabilia”, the first gallery exhibit at NYU centering all disabled artists and disability culture. Around this time, she began collaborating with Shannon Finnegan on the Alt-Text as Poetry project. Recently, Coklyat has taken on the position of associate producer on a film funded by the American Foundation for the Blind, featuring a variety of different people in the blind community.