Intro to Cultural Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities

Not sure where to begin?

Is your organization thinking about ways to engage more inclusive practices for visitors with disabilities, but you’re not sure where to begin? We’ll start with the basics and define disability within the cultural arts setting and share best practices that you can adapt to welcome guests in a variety of performance or exhibit experiences. We will dispel some myths about accessibility, talk about our responsibility as cultural administrators and hosts, discuss options and resources for disability inclusion, and share affordable next steps that organizations can take in accessibility practices! Q & A to follow. Our goal? To stress that accessibility isn’t just about ramps and interpreters—it’s about the general practices we develop to take care of our visitors and each other, and the steps we take to make sure everyone can feel welcome in our venues.

Archived Event Videos

Part 1: Intro to Cultural Accessibility

Archived Event Speakers

  • Rachel Arfa
  • Christena Gunther
  • Hillary Pearson