Educator Workshop | Color Alchemy: An Immersive Meditative Art Experience at MCA

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Educator Workshop | Color Alchemy: An Immersive Meditative Art Experience at MCA

Visual artist and creative designer Tacarra Sutton collaborates with wellness practitioner Cherish Hicks for three mediation and creative-centered workshops. This event suite is designed to promote self-care and wellbeing among K–12 educators. Join us as we combine wellness and art for an unforgettable experience.

This is the third and final Color Alchemy: An Immersive Meditative Art Experience, a sensory experience that invites educators to consciously create art through a meditative medium in order to explore wellness in a unique form. Color Alchemy is a mindful, intuitive, and emotionally cathartic way to engage with art and self-expression. In this guided painting experience, participants physically explore, express, and release emotions and energies through the creative act itself. For this workshop:

Cherish Hicks, well-being curator and founder of Beyond Wellness, guides you through breathwork, a guided meditation, and a sound bath that provide a deep state of relaxation and mindfulness, awakening your emotions and prepare you for the creative process. Then Chicago native, artist, and creative extraordinaire Tacarra Sutton guides you on the mat through a series of paintings that allow color and emotions to collide. Afterwards, take home the piece of art you created during this meditative state, which can serve as a reminder of the experience and insights gained.

Participants are encouraged to wear shades of blue. Please wear comfortable clothing due to the light stretches and painting activities that take place. Aprons are provided.

This workshop is open to educators at all levels of mobility and age and yoga mats are provided (though participants are invited to bring their own if possible). All educators receive ISBE credit hours for attendance.



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